Elk Northern V Neck Tank Mixed Shapes AP3072S17 Print



The Northern V Neck Tank has been crafted from a soft fabric with a slight sheen, making it an easy piece to take you from day to night. It falls into a slight A line shape from the shoulders which creates a gentle swing movement around the waistline. The neckline across the front and back has a V shape with an extended facing on the inside edge for a smooth and seamless finish. Discrete tabs on the underside of the shoulder line hold undergarments in place. Pair this tank with the matching Northern Print Maxi Skirts for a statement look.

An ancient technique that has enjoyed a recent resurgence as a contemporary art medium, weaving has inspired us to create a print that reflects the layering, textures and variety found in this artistic style. The creative flexibility in this form is endless, however colour, texture and layering are integral. We have created our Northern Print as a tribute to the varied works we are inspired by.