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The 10m Festoon String includes a power adapter that plugs in to a wall socket. The box includes a power adapter, a 2m lead, and two 5m festoon lengths.  Each festoon length has 7-8 bulbs, 70cm apart. You can add an additional 10m festoon string, of the same or different colour to this, which will being the total length up to 20m. Each 10m set are sold separately.  To use an extension, simply remove the power adapter, and attached the start of one length to the end of another, ensuring you screw the connector cover ring securely. 

  • Bulb is a hardy resin (not glass) and are a frosted white. 
  • The festoon cable is black.
  • Warm white LED lights
  • 10m length + 2m lead from the adapter
  • 15 bulbs over 10m, 70cm apart
  • SAA certified NZ IP44 rated mains adapter
  • Connectable up to 20m total ~ each set sold separately
  • Sealed bulbs and cords for protection
  • For indoor & temporary outdoor use. We recommend you keep the bulbs protected from the elements.