Cedar Moth Balls 12pk

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These pleasantly scented wooden balls are the perfect natural moth protection for your merino wool products and any areas of the home you want to protect. These cedarwood balls are the perfect accessory to ensure your loved garments and items are fresh and intact for new family arrivals, turns of the season and heirloom gifting.

Pantry and wardrobe moths are pesky. Finding a natural alternative to pesticides for these two important areas is not (naphthalene based moth balls were banned in NZ in 2014). The use of red cedar in wardrobes is an old housewife cleaning trick, widely utilised today in convenient wooden balls. Red Cedarwood works as the ideal natural pest repellent due to the oils in the wood which release a refreshing fragrance to keep those hungry moths at bay.

  • Red cedarwood
  • 12 pk wooden balls
  • 3.5cm diameter each
  • Natural moth protection
  • Handy storage bag
  • 100% natural non-toxic product

How to use:

The balls can be spread out in the closet, drawer, or storage- however be sure not to put them directly on your clothes as the natural oils could stain. Alternatively the balls can be kept in the handy drawstring bag or separated into mesh bags (such as a laundry bag) – Simply place the bag where you wish to deter moths. When the fragrance begins to dull, (approx. six months) lightly sand the balls to rejuvenate their repellent effectiveness.