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Handmade from natural beeswax and scented with citronella, these candles are the perfect addition to your home. Citronella is known to repel mosquitoes, burning this candle is great for a bite-free outdoor experience.

Citronella Rope Candle

  • Small: 10cm dia. / 14cm high (Approx. 85 hours burn)
  • Large: 15cm dia. / 18cm high (Approx. 175 hours burn)

Made in Wellington by National Candles.
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Beeswax Benefits

An eco-friendly and natural byproduct of beekeeping, beeswax offers great benefits!

Due to its high melting point, beeswax doesn’t require chemical processing and beeswax candles have an extended burn time. Beeswax also burns cleanly, unlikely to drip and producing very little smoke.

Beeswax can be helpful for those with allergies or asthma - burning beeswax produces negative ions which neutralise positive ions like dust and pollen - cleaning the air.

National Candles Brand

Established in 1969, National Candles is one of Aotearoa’s oldest and most respected candle makers, known for producing high-quality candles using traditional methods and quality natural materials.